Wedding OASIS

Wedding Pavilion

Competition Finalist | Collaboration with Sabine Aoun.

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Constellation by nature are independent stars that only form a whole when together. Similarly, marriage by nature exists only when two independent individuals come together as one.

Wedding constellation, with its pavilion module offers a transcendant poetic space, that is adaptable to all weather conditions, but also adaptable to whichever disposition, wedding sequence experience the newlyweds wish for their fairytale. It can be assembled in various ways, but by nature, like a marriage, it always starts with the union of two components. The pavilion can be as small as to shelter two guests, and as big as to shelter more than a hundred guests.

Situated in Castello de Rosciano, it acknowledges its beautiful surrounding, standing solemnly on the site, it embraces its majesty, offering it to the newlyweds.

Site plan 2- final
Structural diagrams layout

Components: 6 components can be combined in different ways to create different configurations adapted to the different uses. The structure while represented in wood can also be achieved in steel.

Assembly: At any stage almost the assembly leads to a final configuration, answering the different weather conditions that Castello de Rosciano has; the pavilion can have one to four legs, it can have a roof or be open to air, it can have windows and doors or be completely open.


Detail structure
A3 layout FINAL

Sustainability and Technology: Rain Water Collection | Cross Ventilation | Onyx Glass Photovoltaic System | Technology and Electricity Conduits


Structural diagrams layout

The pavilion can take many different assemblies to cater to what the bride and groom desire, by nature, like a marriage, it always starts with the union or two components. The Modules are spread in pairs or individual throughout the site.

Flexibility - The pavilion can be assembled together in various ways that come as response to the number of guests the bride and groom are hosting but also according to the program and setting they wish for their wedding.



These pavilions are seen as compositions or fragments of elements. They offer various experiences between the Castle, the landscape and the wedding guests. These hospitable isles provide entertainment as well as shade creating a memorable wedding experience.

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Arches by definition through its conception in Roman times meant that architecture could last. And so, the cermony pavilion offers a solid structure where the couple vows to start a new life together in union, it offers a poetic space with the plays of light and shadows transporting the couple into a fairytale. It is also a transparent structure open to its beautiful surrounding as to keeping solid roots in the ground.