Build It Back [BIB]

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After Hurricane Sandy hit Queens - New York in 2012, Build It Back was launched by the NYC Mayor's office (HRO).

It is a resiliency type program that looks at the affected dwellings and provides necessary upgrades to improve their living situations and protect them from such future natural disasters. 

Since lifting the dwellings is one of the program's main strategies; As a result and in addition to the repairs that each house requires, BIB offers various additional components listed below to maintain proper access to such residential type neighborhood.

Build It Back - Program Offered Components

Elements - Front Stair
Elements - Rear Yard Stair
Elements - Add ons
Elements - Vegetation

Analtical Physical Model

Physical model

The model is a visulisation of the Build It Back design standards. 

Starting with a map, on the left side, showing the areas in Queens affected by the hurricane. Underneath it is a series of different site typologies, where the houses are located, and their realtionship to the water. On the right side, the 4 different alterations that a single home can get. This side is more flexible and lets the viewer engage with the model and allows that person to put together different layouts as he/she sees fit.

While the site map informs the viewer about the hurrican consequence the rest of the model serves more to critic the program standards and evaluate what a resiliency project could achieve.

Model Pic 2
1-Howard Beach
4-Averne & Edgemere
2-Belle Harbor
3-Broad Chanel

Alteration type I - Rehab

BIB - Elevations - 4 types_v-01

Alteration type II - Open Foundation

BIB - Elevations - 4 types_v-02

Alteration type III - closed Foundation

BIB - Elevations - 4 types_v-03

Alteration type IV - Rebuilt

BIB - Elevations - 4 types_v-04
Physical model BW